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Our Background

Designated Defense is a local Disabled Veteran-Owned and operated small business offering security services from Unarmed Guards to Armed Guards, Event Security, Black Suit and Tie, Luxury Retail, Mobile Patrols, HOA Security, Firewatch, Government Security, Executive Protection, Convention Security, and Construction Site Security. 


Designated Defense was established by former Army Sniper Mathew Severson. Mr. Severson served six years in the armed forces, which included a combat deployment to Iraq. After leaving the service, he became a security contractor in the Middle East, where he serviced US Department of Defense and Department of State contracts for over 10 years. During that time, Mr. Severson would receive a degree in Security Management with honors while also becoming an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician.


He uses his background and experience to recruit, hire and train his team of security professionals to meet the unique needs of each client and post.


Mr. Severson believes that hiring qualified individuals, paying them a fair wage, and treating them as part of the team builds loyalty and leads to ultimate client satisfaction.


It is this approach that has allowed Designated Defense to build a roster of Security Professionals at all levels that include former military and law enforcement personnel.


Designated Defense is one of the fastest growing security companies in Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

Company Philosophy

Our company philosophy is simple, take care of others and they will take care of you. Keep overhead costs low, so we can pay the guards better and still be competitive in pricing. We support our guards so they can represent us both well. Do the right thing for your employees and clients, and you will retain both. We are here for all our employees and clients, day, or night because we care.

Client Philosophy

Our client philosophy starts with communication. Communication is the key to any good relationship. Our customer/client relations are important to us. We ensure clients can call and be heard any time of the day or night. If there is a concern or services need to be altered in some way or another, we work with our clients to ensure the outcome is the best possible solution. We reach out often to our clients to ensure they are satisfied with the service. When clients call, they can talk to the owner. They don’t have to be stuck talking to someone who isn’t the decision maker for the company. This gives us the flexibility to work with clients that most companies can’t offer. We provide that personal touch that many clients are looking for.

Employee Philosophy

Designated Defense’s philosophy on hiring and retaining employees is built on the premise that employees are looking for two things in a company; they need a fair wage, and they need to feel like part of the team instead of just a number.


Designated Defense believes that employees perform better when they are happy and loyal to their company. We take steps to show employees that they are appreciated by performance bonuses, training and a good old-fashioned thank you. We also have a higher starting wage than most security companies in town. We take care of our team and in return they do a great job for us and our clients.

Previous Services

Designated Defense services a broad range of clients throughout the valley. We service commercial, residential and government clients. We are committed to giving a premium service and holding all our employees to a high standard. We work with clients to establish policies and procedures to keep people and property safe. Our current services range from executive protection, unarmed guards, armed guards, to special events. There is no task too big or too small that we cannot handle. With our extensive roster of great clients we work with, we are able to attract great employees.



Professionalism and Resource Quality

Designated Defense and sister companies hold all our employees and leaders to high standards of conduct, professionalism, and appearance. We have a training program that highlights the importance of uniform and conduct. We coach, mentor, and train our guards on various aspects of their job and our expectations. Our guards are a direct reflection of you at your property. We want to ensure we represent you and Designated Defense in the best way possible. We strive to have safe, hassle-free, yet effective security procedures.


Under our umbrella of companies, we have a Security Company, an Event Company, and an embroidery and printing business. These three companies give us the ability to adapt to any environment and need. Whether you need event staff or security guards, we can provide these services.

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