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Designated Defense was established by former Army Sniper Mathew Severson. Mr. Severson spent 6 years in the Military with a deployment to Iraq. After deploying to Iraq, he became a security contractor overseas for 10+ years. During these years, he serviced Department of Defense and Department of State clients in Afghanistan and Kuwait. He protected some of the most important people in the world as well as some of the most famous people in the world. While working overseas, he completed his bachelor’s degree in Security Management, graduating with the highest of honors as well as became an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician.
Mr. Severson returned to Las Vegas and wanted to bring the team atmosphere to the Las Vegas market. After working in the local security market, he realized there was a need for a security company that cares for its clients and takes care of its employees. This is when he set out to establish Designated Defense Security Services.

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